Our events and programs continue to run as scheduled until April 30, 2024.
Beginning  May 1  locations have changed. 


For specific location information, visit us at:


Fallingbrook Heights Baptist Church
the church at The Centre


In partnership with

Birchcliff, Cliffside, The Bluffs

Upcoming Events

You can expect from the Reach:


The Reach is intentional about having programming for all ages and stages of life - without duplicating what is already being offered in our community.  We look forward to hearing your suggestions.  (see Contact Us)


The Reach was to be a place where our neighbours can meet. Our desire is to see our community grow through relationships that are life giving.


We celebrate ‘life’ in all its fullness. This means ‘life’ at The Reach  is free from:

  • Use of intoxicants: tobacco, alcohol, marijuana or other drugs
  • Offensive or negative, derogatory language including profanity & sexual innuendo
  • Viewing of sexual images, unwanted physical contact 
  • Exclusion of persons except what is safe for others, or planned in events
  • Program specific issue discussion of : gender, sexuality, racism, hate speech, divisive theology,  adultery, euthanasia …  (unless pre-approved)
  • Animals  - unless certified for support